Disclaimer: Please Read This First

If you’re looking for a blog that’s going to excite and inspire you to embark on an epic 6-month thru-hike, this might not be it. Sorry. This is a hard-line account of my experience hiking the Pacific Crest Trail and is not a success story, if success is measured in finishing because, full disclosure, I didn’t finish. I just wanted you to know that up front. As you’ll quickly figure out (if you’re still reading this blog) I’m nothing if not honest. 

Do I plan to try it again? Absolutely. I don’t consider myself a failure because I covered a crap ton of miles and could have pushed on all the way but for some extenuating circumstances. But I do consider my goal unmet. I am not officially a thru-hiker, and until I have hiked from end-to-end, I will never really be able to rest. So stay tuned for my next attempt.

If you’re still reading, well, thanks. I’ve always aspired to be a writer and just assumed fiction was my forte – but as you’ll see if you Google my name, my prowess as a writer has not exactly been forthcoming. No outrageous novels penned by yours truly out there to be read (yet). I’ve decided to write about real life instead. We’ll see if it takes.


Published by rogerssj23

I'm a long-distance hiker, an audiobook producer, and an amateur writer. I live in the woods in a renovated 1972 Airstream with my Golden Retriever Zoe. Read more about my hiking adventures at sarahhikes.com.

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