Day 26: Deep Creek Hot Spring

April 16, 2018


The biggest pinecone ever
Approaching the Rainbow Bridge
Crossing the Rainbow Bridge
Bidding farewell to the Rainbow Bridge

On Day 26 we hiked 19.4 miles, passing the 300 mile marker!

We caught up with Lil’ Bro and played leapfrog all day. Early in the afternoon we came to Deep Creek Hot Springs at mile 308. It was crawling with people; thru-hikers, sections hikers, day hikers. Clothing was apparently optional.

We’d been so looking forward to enjoying the hot springs that we braved the crowds and carefully dipped our tired legs and feet into one of the larger pools with audible sighs of relief and pleasure. The pool sat off to the side of the Mohave River which was nice and cool and flowing well, so I alternated soaking my feet in the hot spring and then switching to the icy cold river to encourage good circulation and, with any luck, swift healing. I removed the Leukotape and then reapplied it once my feet were dry again. This method would prove to be a bad idea later.

Day 27: Silverwood Lake and PIZZA

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