Day 105: Taking a Medical Leave

July 4, 2018


Happy 4th of July! I had breakfast with my trail family and then watched them ride off in a strangers’ car toward the trailhead. Then I packed my stuff and headed for the Amtrak station.

Just sitting is so hard. My body and brain want to get up and move, to do stuff, to pack up my gear and hit the trail, or head to the store and resupply. But I don’t need to do any of those things. I just need to sit here on this train until we get to Chicago on FRIDAY. Damn. 

Something I did on trail (when I remembered to do so) was find things to be thankful for. This was especially important during times when everything was terrible. When we were first in the desert and my feet were on fire, I’d think “Thank You, Lord, that there are no snakes.” Or, if the trail was free of sharp rocks, I was especially thankful for that. In the Sierra, even if the way was slow and difficult, I tried to be thankful that we weren’t in the desert, that although the trail was buried in snow there were often footprints to follow. 

So although my insurance doesn’t cover me outside of Indiana, I’m thankful that I have insurance at all. Although the train is slow and annoying and I don’t get much sleep, I’m thankful that it was affordable and so easy to get to in Truckee. Thank You again, Lord, for Sparky and Ghosthiker. And whether I’m able to finish the trail or not, thank You for getting me this far. 

Day 106: Back on the PCT!

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