Day 23: MJ’s Place

March 25, 2021

Mile: 300.5

The moon was so bright last night, and I definitely woke up at least twice to the sound of someone rummaging through their food bag. Pretty sure it was Cameron, lol. That’s okay, because I definitely had to roll off my sleeping pad and blow it back up at some point in the night. I’m not too happy about that. Thank goodness we’re going into town today. Hopefully I can find the leak and patch it then. 

Ghosthiker and I broke camp as quietly as possible, but Oklahoma was awake and out of his tent stretching and enjoying the view around the time we were taking our tents down, so the only person still sleeping was Cameron. Oklahoma seemed confident that nothing would wake him up anytime soon, so we whisper-chatted for a bit before setting off. We’re getting into Superior today and staying with a Trail Angel that we’ve heard a lot of good things about, so we’re pretty excited about that. 

Such a beautiful hike today! The weather was great and we were hiking at elevation above a canyon, and it was simply gorgeous! Our first water source was 7 miles from camp, the Rainwater Catchment, and we took a nice break there before setting off again. We’re in Tonto National Forest now and passed 300 miles before reaching Picket Post Trailhead. 300 miles! Woohoo!!

Yeah, baby!
Biggest cairn I’ve ever seen.

Picket Post Trailhead is really popular, apparently, because there were people and cars everywhere! Lots of day hikers out, even for a weekday. Ghosthiker and I used the pit toilets and then were almost immediately approached by a day hiker who asked us if we needed a ride into town! She’d finished hiking for the day and was waiting around to see if any thru-hikers needed a hitch, since there seemed to be several coming off the trail that afternoon. What luck! She drove us into town to the Post Office, where we picked up our resupply boxes before making the trek to the MJ’s house, the Trail Angel where we hoped to stay the night. 

Superior is such a cute little town! Even though our resupply boxes were heavy and carrying them was a pain, it was so nice to walk along the main road and look at all the cute little shops. We knew we were going to have to take a much-needed zero day here in order to enjoy the coffee shops and restaurants. 

When we got about a block away from MJ’s house, we were passed by a car that stopped to greet us. It was Valhalla! MJ let him borrow her car to go resupply, and there were three other hikers riding along with him. At the house, we were greeted by so many familiar faces! Hikers we’d only met once, and weeks ago, were here in Superior! Joe Dirt, Tweety, and the couple hiking with them now, Krissy and Ethan. Cameron, Oklahoma, and Bass were there, as well as a very tall hiker we’d met quite a while back named Rada. Roam was there, too, an older woman we’d met back in Kearney.

From left to right: Joe Dirt, Ethan, Krissy, and Tweety.

It was seriously so much fun to hang out with all these hikers! And MJ is just the loveliest woman ever. She was so welcoming, opening up her whole property to fit as many hikers as possible. Apparently, we broke the record that day with how many hikers were staying there, 17! There were only a few bunk beds and one room for a married couple, which were all taken. The backyard was already filled with tents, and several hikers had claimed spaces on the patio. But MJ, bless her heart, told us we were welcome to push back the furniture in the living room and lay out our sleeping pads, and that we’d get our choice of beds the next night. Ghosthiker, Bass, and I were the last ones to arrive that day, so we got to sleep in the living room. 

Can you tell who’s sleeping pad is older? Lol
Manna from heaven!

MJ made sloppy joe’s and calico beans for dinner, with chips and beer galore, and then chocolate cake and ice cream for desert! I volunteered to do all the dishes, which people seemed really impressed with but honestly, I’m used to cleaning up after crowds and I found the process really cathartic. 

It was such a lovely evening. I have a feeling it’s gonna be hard to leave this place. 

Day 24: Sleeping Pads and Fish Tacos

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