Day 34: A Much Needed Zero Day

April 5, 2021


I woke up fairly early from unsettling dreams and couldn’t get back to sleep. We walked across town to the Early Bird Café for breakfast. The portions were huge and everything was delicious, and hikers both strange and familiar came trickling in during our time there. The Trio arrived shortly after we did, as well as a woman named Stop & Go who we met a few days ago. Then Hammer and The Beast appeared, followed by a hiker named Hefe whom we hadn’t met yet, and Wild Style. It was so much fun!

We’d planned to go to the fudge and espresso place next door after breakfast, but they are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. So, we walked over to the massage therapy place and called to make an apt, but the owner was out of town and wouldn’t be back until Friday. Bummer. 

We decided we’d better get crackin’ on our town chores now that the laundromat was open. Once there, even more hikers began appearing, and soon there was a whole crowd of us hanging around outside waiting on our laundry. We met even more new hikers, and then I spotted The Kids (Joe Dirt, Tweety, and Krissy who is now Sonic) hiking up the road. It was a fun little reunion of old friends. 

With our laundry done, we walked across the street to the Ponderosa Market to get something for lunch, but then we saw the Pine Tavern next door and decided to eat out for lunch instead. Salads, steak, deviled eggs, and a delicious, huge cocktail that we shared. 

Very full and slightly buzzed, we wandered back to our RV AirBnB and I set to work cleaning my chocolate coffee-flavored quilt so it could dry out in the sun before nightfall, then I did my best to clean the grit out of my tent zipper. It’s been giving me a lot of trouble and coming apart a lot so that I can hardly get it to stay closed at night, which is a pain. Hopefully, this will fix it. 

I don’t know what was happening when Ghosthiker decided to take this photo, but I’m pretty sure we were both tipsy.
Rockin’ the witch vibes with that hair!

I talked to my Mom on the phone for a while later in the day, which was nice. All in all, a very relaxing zero day. 

Day 35: …or two…

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