Day 45: My First Slack-Pack Day

April 16, 2021


We slack-packed over 20 miles today from Sandys Canyon Trailhead to Highway 89. It was really nice, especially being able to see Sandys Canyon Trail during the day, since we hiked it in the dark before. We got an Uber to the trailhead and were hiking by 7:00am, and the whole day was a series of gently rolling hills and pine forests. There were a lot of intersecting bike trails along this part of the AZT, and understandably so, being so close to town. We also had a great view of the San Francisco Peaks pretty much all day, unless there were too many trees. Also, the weather was great. Blue skies with puffy white clouds. 

When we reached the highway, we got an Uber back to the Motel where we quickly showered and changed and then walked about a block down the street to Fratelli’s for pizza and salads. After that, we met up with some hikers at the Flagstaff Brewery and Whiskey Bar, where they had three different kinds of Lagavulin! Yum!! 

We didn’t get to bed until 9:30pm! These easy days are spoiling us, for sure. 

Day 46: An Unexpected Zero Day

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