Day 46: An Unexpected Zero Day

April 17, 2021 

Zero Day

We woke up to snow! It’s crazy how the weather changes in this state, and especially at high elevation. The temperature had been slowly dropping yesterday, to the point that our walk back to the Motel DuBeau from the brewery was extremely cold. We were planning on doing our last slack-pack day today, but neither of us really want to hike in this weather if we don’t absolutely have to. Hiking in snow is one thing, but this snow is really slushy and the wind is pretty bad, so we’re taking another zero. Sadly, our room at the Motel DuBeau was already booked for tonight, so we have to relocate to a hotel further out of town and closer to the trailhead. That’s okay, though. We’re both starting to get exhausted with being in such a busy town, with all the town noises and smalls and goings-on. It’s been fun, but I think we’re both ready to get back out into the wilderness for real. 

Grabbing breakfast with Ghosthiker, Joe Dirt, Sonic, and Tweety!

I did manage to get a massage today, though, which was fantastic. Perks of being in a bigger town.

Had an interesting encounter with a man outside the bus stop who yelled at me to put my mask on or I wouldn’t be allowed on the bus. We were outside and I was standing apart from the few other people there, so I didn’t have it on, but he looked like someone who worked for the transit authority so I immediately complied because I needed to be able to take the bus to our new hotel (Ghosthiker had gone on ahead of me while I got my massage). Turns out, the guy who yelled at me wasn’t a transit employee at all, just some random dude who saw me not masked. But, again, we were not inside a bus station, and there was no sign asking people to wear masks at the outdoor bus stop, and this guy didn’t even work for the transit authority, so… just, what? 


I’m ready to go back to the woods. 

At another restaurant with hikers, lol. All our packs, lined up in a row.
Shot of the cool, old motel sign.
Took this one with my Moment lens. Not sure which one I like better.
Where we would have been hiking today if we hadn’t decided to take another zero instead. (☉_☉)

After several consecutive evenings of hanging out with hikers at restaurants and breweries, Ghosthiker and I spent a lovely, quiet evening in our new hotel room, eating dinner and watching TV. I spent a good chunk of time chatting with my Mom on the phone and FaceTime’d with my high school bestie Grace while I walked over to the Walgreens for a few last-minute snacks. 

All in all, it was a nice, restful evening. 

Day 47: Friends of Queen

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