AZT 2021

Day 1: It Begins
Day 2: First Day on Trail – WOOT!
Day 3: “Pasta Alfredo!”
Day 4: The Joy of Hiking
Day 5: Patagonia, AZ
Day 6: 10 Good Miles
Day 7: Kentucky Camp
Day 8: Sometimes Guthooks is Wrong
Day 9: Getting to Vail, AZ
Day 10: Cheesecake Time!
Day 11: When the Cacti Bite
Day 12: Slow Mornings
Day 13: From Sand to Snow
Day 14: Cold and Wet
Day 15: Climbing Mt. Lemmon
Day 16: Mt. Lemmon
Day 17: Cold, Until it’s Not
Day 18: Oracle State Park
Day 19: Water Tanks & Jumping Cacti
Day 20: A Big Mile Day
Day 21: Kearney, AZ
Day 22: The Devil’s Lettuce
Day 23: MJ’s Place
Day 24: Sleeping Pads and Fish Tacos
Day 25: Of Snakes and Dark Humor
Day 26: So Much F***ing Scree!
Day 27: Roosevelt Lake Marina
Day 28: “Pre-Fried Pineapple!”
Day 29: Almost Halfway!
Day 30: The Not-so-Good Day
Day 31: This is a Hard Trail, Ya’ll
Day 32: Runnin’ on Empty
Day 33: Pine, AZ
Day 34: A Much Needed Zero Day
Day 35: …or two…
Day 36: The Highline Trail
Day 37: A Very Good Day
Day 38: We’re Over Halfway Done, Baby!
Day 39: Cow Water is the Best!
Day 40: This is Our Bubble
Day 41: The Shoe Eating Trail
Day 42: Sometimes you Just Gotta Laugh
Day 43: First Zero in Flagstaff, AZ
Day 44: Second Zero in Flagstaff, AZ
Day 45: My First Slack-Pack Day
Day 46: An Unexpected Zero Day
Day 47: Friends of Queen
Day 48: The Arizona Snowbowl
Day 49: Camping Alone
Day 50: Wild Horses
Day 51: I’m Not Superstitious…
Day 52: Tusayan, AZ
Day 53: The Grand Canyon, Part 1
Day 54: The Grand Canyon, Part 2
Day 55: Back in the Cold
Day 55: …no, wait, Day 56:…
Day 57: Jacob Lake Inn
Day 58: Trail Families
Day 59: The End

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