Day 24: Surprise Trip to the ER

April 14, 2018 266.1-276.6 The next morning we were supposed to grab a hearty early breakfast and hitch to the trail, but I awoke in the wee hours with a terrible UTI and ended up having to go to the ER. It was 6:30am when I hustled out of the hostel to catch the localContinue reading “Day 24: Surprise Trip to the ER”

Day 23: Zero in Big Bear Lake

April 13, 2018 00.0 That first night in Big Bear was the heaviest night’s sleep I’d gotten since I started the trail. I know I moved around a bit but I don’t remember moving, which means I didn’t wake up when I moved. I slept all night. I didn’t feel as sore, which meant myContinue reading “Day 23: Zero in Big Bear Lake”