Day 57: Back in Julian…Again

May 17, 2018 Roughly 220 miles due south by car. I woke up around 4:30am without the aid of an alarm. Ghosthiker and Sparky were still sleeping but I assumed they’d be awake any minute, so I quietly snuck into the bathroom. They still weren’t up when I came out so I grabbed my phoneContinue reading “Day 57: Back in Julian…Again”

Day 29: More Cold Days in the Desert

April 19, 2018 341.9-356.7 I slept through my alarm and didn’t wake up until 5:20am the next morning. I immediately leapt out of bed and started getting ready, thinking we were running really behind (everyone else was still sleeping, that should have tipped me off). After 20 minutes of hurriedly getting myself and my stuffContinue reading “Day 29: More Cold Days in the Desert”

Day 28: Hobbling into McDonalds

April 18, 2018 328.1-341.9 In the morning I discovered the source of the sound I’d hear banging against my tent in the night. An incredibly large bird, or a small bird with an incredibly large problem, had dropped a huge turd right on my tent, leaving a splatter and a long, white trail running allContinue reading “Day 28: Hobbling into McDonalds”