Day 4: First Burger on Trail!

March 25, 2018 32.6-41.5 As the sky turned grey and I could hear people moving about in their tents nearby, I reluctantly crawled out of mine and hurried through the frosty air to the restrooms. Good Lord, it was cold! The Trail Angels were already up and busy, calling me over for fresh coffee andContinue reading “Day 4: First Burger on Trail!”

Day 3: Chilly in the Desert

March 24, 2018 20.0-32.6 The next day I got a somewhat late start but felt refreshed and ready to hike. The trail was gentle and the sky overcast and I was enjoying myself immensely. The trail was nice and wide leading away from the Lake Morena campground and was surrounded by manzanita trees. Shante caughtContinue reading “Day 3: Chilly in the Desert”