Day 28: Hobbling into McDonalds

April 18, 2018 328.1-341.9 In the morning I discovered the source of the sound I’d hear banging against my tent in the night. An incredibly large bird, or a small bird with an incredibly large problem, had dropped a huge turd right on my tent, leaving a splatter and a long, white trail running allContinue reading “Day 28: Hobbling into McDonalds”

Day 27: Silverwood Lake and PIZZA!

April 17, 2018 313.2-328.1 The next day my feet were still hurting pretty badly but I just squashed the pain with some Vitamin I and kept going. We hiked through an older burn area and I got videos of lots of wildflowers, and after a while we found ourselves hiking around the rim of SilverwoodContinue reading “Day 27: Silverwood Lake and PIZZA!”