Day 47: Friends of Queen

April 18, 2021 589.6 We got a little bit of a late start this morning, but given the last few days and the fact that we were setting out from a hotel, that’s to be expected. We caught an Uber to the trailhead and were hiking by 9:00am. For real this time. No more slack-packing.Continue reading “Day 47: Friends of Queen”

Day 46: An Unexpected Zero Day

April 17, 2021  Zero Day We woke up to snow! It’s crazy how the weather changes in this state, and especially at high elevation. The temperature had been slowly dropping yesterday, to the point that our walk back to the Motel DuBeau from the brewery was extremely cold. We were planning on doing our lastContinue reading “Day 46: An Unexpected Zero Day”

Day 45: My First Slack-Pack Day

April 16, 2021 583.7 We slack-packed over 20 miles today from Sandys Canyon Trailhead to Highway 89. It was really nice, especially being able to see Sandys Canyon Trail during the day, since we hiked it in the dark before. We got an Uber to the trailhead and were hiking by 7:00am, and the wholeContinue reading “Day 45: My First Slack-Pack Day”

Day 44: Second Zero in Flagstaff, AZ

April 15, 2021 Zero Day Again I woke up around 5:00am and laid in bed until 6:00am. I could hear Ghosthiker sleeping and didn’t want to wake her, but by 6:00am I was feeling restless and ready to move. I quietly slipped out of the room and crossed the courtyard to the main building, whereContinue reading “Day 44: Second Zero in Flagstaff, AZ”

Day 43: First Zero in Flagstaff, AZ

April 14, 2021 Zero Day I woke up really slowly this morning. I don’t remember doing it, but I know I got really warm during the night because I got up in the dark and opened the window. It was well after sun-up before I even thought about getting out of bed, partially because I was just so bone-tiredContinue reading “Day 43: First Zero in Flagstaff, AZ”

Day 42: Sometimes you Just Gotta Laugh

April 13, 2021 564.1 Thin Mints for breakfast! Good job, past Sarah. Way to think ahead. I kind of love that my metabolism has reached the point where I can stomach solid food in the morning. Even if it is cookies and other such garbage. Calories are calories!  We packed up by 6:30am and hikedContinue reading “Day 42: Sometimes you Just Gotta Laugh”