Day 53: Kennedy Meadows at Last!

May 13, 2018 684-700.4 The next day, I put in my earbuds and happily blasted music into my ears as I climbed up and over an unnamed pass. The trail was well maintained and open, and the sky was overcast, so I made good time in the moderate heat. At one point my trekking poleContinue reading “Day 53: Kennedy Meadows at Last!”

Day 52: My First Night Camping Alone

May 12, 2018 668.7-685 My hiking family and I were kind of spread out yesterday, with everyone fairly wrapped up in their own thoughts. I was okay with that. Because I knew the plan for the next couple of days, I was determined to hike at my own pace. My feet were feeling good andContinue reading “Day 52: My First Night Camping Alone”

Day 51: Leaving Ridgecrest

May 11, 2018 652.1-668.7 The next morning we took a bus back to Walker Pass. We saw Alias and several other hikers waiting at the trailhead to take the bus back into town. We were a little shocked by the cold that hit us as we stepped off the bus. Our days in Ridgecrest wereContinue reading “Day 51: Leaving Ridgecrest”

Day 50: The First Time I Owe Ghosthiker an Apology

May 10, 2018 00.0 That zero day was a strange one. Ever since the night before I’d been irritable and pissy, particularly with Ghosthiker, and not for any good reasons. It just seemed like everything she said was triggering me terribly. When we went to Walmart that afternoon I told them if they finished beforeContinue reading “Day 50: The First Time I Owe Ghosthiker an Apology”

Day 49: A Poolside View

May 9, 2018 643.8-652.1 Last night I was exhausted and fell asleep long before dark, so by 3am my body was done sleeping. I lay there looking at the stars and listening to the wind overhead that never rustled my tent and drifted in and out of sleep until about 4:15, at which point IContinue reading “Day 49: A Poolside View”

Day 48: Seeing Some Old, Familiar Faces

May 8, 2018 623.5-643.8 Even though I slept heavily the night before, I was really dragging my feet all morning. I couldn’t seem to muster the energy I needed to move at what has become my normal pace. It took me 3.5 hrs to go 7.4 miles to the water source! That’s only about 2Continue reading “Day 48: Seeing Some Old, Familiar Faces”

Day 47: JK, we’re still in the desert, ya’ll

May 7, 2018 602-623.5 Did I mention that early morning is my favorite part of the day to hike? There’s something magical about a world just waking up and bursting to life from the stillness of the night in a way that the modern, settled world just can’t capture. That morning we managed to hikeContinue reading “Day 47: JK, we’re still in the desert, ya’ll”

Day 46: 600 Miles Down

May 6, 2018 583.3-602 It was still taking me two hours to be ready to hike every morning. I think a big part of that was because I was always trying to be really quiet and not wake anybody up which of course takes longer than just flying through all my morning chores. I wasContinue reading “Day 46: 600 Miles Down”

Day 45: A Word on Shoes

May 5, 2018 566.4-583.3 After another glorious nights’ sleep, waking up to French press coffee, and delightful conversation with our wonderful trail angel hosts, Scott and Jennifer took us to breakfast at Kohnens bakery. I got a delicious calzone-style breakfast thingy with sausage, cheese, and egg baked into a tasty bread loaf. I don’t knowContinue reading “Day 45: A Word on Shoes”

Day 44: Slack-packing SOBO for a Day

May 4, 2018 558.5-553.2 Ghosthiker, Jennifer, and I spent a lovely morning chatting over breakfast and coffee, then it was off to the post office to get my package of shoes, mail all our resupply boxes ahead, and for me to mail a big box of unwanted stuff home and my new Altras and insolesContinue reading “Day 44: Slack-packing SOBO for a Day”