Day 33: Mill Creek Fire Station

April 23, 2018 400.6-420.8 The next day, like most days, was a hot one. The place on my foot where the Leukotape had ripped my skin off was still hurting quite a bit, but I hadn’t noticed the shift in the type of pain I was experiencing. That morning as I was getting ready toContinue reading “Day 33: Mill Creek Fire Station”

Day 32: Accio, beer!

April 22, 2018 383.9-400.6 After such an emotionally-charged evening, I slept like the dead and felt much better the next morning and talked with Sparky a bit, explaining that I was just very emotionally exhausted and had needed some space. We’d all been living and traveling in such close quarters since Idyllwild that I wasContinue reading “Day 32: Accio, beer!”

Day 31: Mt. Baden-Powell

April 21, 2018 369.1-383.9 The next day we grabbed breakfast in town and ran some errands. Here I have to give a shout out to Norm and David at the Mountain Hardware store and outfitter in Wrightwood. They were some of the most helpful store owners I encountered along the entire trail. They were firstContinue reading “Day 31: Mt. Baden-Powell”

Day 30: Wrightwood

April 20, 2018 356.7-369.1 For some reason, I was in a hurry to get out of my tent this morning even though it was freezing. I wanted to see the sunrise. We were generally waking up well before sunrise but I never took the time to crawl out of my tent and actually watch it.Continue reading “Day 30: Wrightwood”

Day 29: More Cold Days in the Desert

April 19, 2018 341.9-356.7 I slept through my alarm and didn’t wake up until 5:20am the next morning. I immediately leapt out of bed and started getting ready, thinking we were running really behind (everyone else was still sleeping, that should have tipped me off). After 20 minutes of hurriedly getting myself and my stuffContinue reading “Day 29: More Cold Days in the Desert”

Day 28: Hobbling into McDonalds

April 18, 2018 328.1-341.9 In the morning I discovered the source of the sound I’d hear banging against my tent in the night. An incredibly large bird, or a small bird with an incredibly large problem, had dropped a huge turd right on my tent, leaving a splatter and a long, white trail running allContinue reading “Day 28: Hobbling into McDonalds”

Day 26: Deep Creek Hot Spring

April 16, 2018 293.8-313.2 On Day 26 we hiked 19.4 miles, passing the 300 mile marker! We caught up with Lil’ Bro and played leapfrog all day. Early in the afternoon we came to Deep Creek Hot Springs at mile 308. It was crawling with people; thru-hikers, sections hikers, day hikers. Clothing was apparently optional.Continue reading “Day 26: Deep Creek Hot Spring”

Day 25: Where We’re Reminded it’s the PCT’s Anniversary

April 15, 2018 276.6-293.8 Because my food bag had sun-dried tomato oil all over the inside, I had to clean it all up and reorganize my food. I told Ghosthiker and Sparky to go on ahead and I didn’t see them again until 6 miles up the trail, giving me more space and time toContinue reading “Day 25: Where We’re Reminded it’s the PCT’s Anniversary”

Day 19: The Mesa Wind Farm and Whitewater Preserve

April 9, 2018 209.5-218.5 Waking up in the resort hotel, it was day 19 on the trail for me and I was craving a late morning. Unfortunately, our bodies were well-accustomed to early risings and we all naturally woke around 5:30am.  We packed up, I lanced a particularly large and painful blister and doctored itContinue reading “Day 19: The Mesa Wind Farm and Whitewater Preserve”

Day 18: Down, down, down into the Desert

April 8, 2018 193-209.5 The next day we continued hiking down the mountain back into the hot, flat desert toward Interstate 10, where we hoped to hitch into Cabazon. This is not a typical hiker stop or resupply point mainly because it’s along a major freeway and is not an easy hitch, but Ghosthiker hadContinue reading “Day 18: Down, down, down into the Desert”