Day 17: Storm on Mt. San Jacinto

April 7, 2018 182.7-193 The wind was so fierce last night that none of us got much sleep. It crashed against our tents all night long and into the next morning. Trying to make my coffee was a bit of a chore even under the protection of the rainfly, but I got it done. Priorities.Continue reading “Day 17: Storm on Mt. San Jacinto”

Day 16: Tahquitz Peak

April 6, 2018 5.5 to Tahquitz Peak, then to mile 182.7 After a hearty breakfast burrito at the Town Baker in Idyllwild, we caught a ride to South Ridge Trailhead and hiked up to Tahquitz Peak, which is mostly along the PCT and then there’s a little side trail to the lookout which stands atContinue reading “Day 16: Tahquitz Peak”

Day 15: Big Miles for a Burger

April 5, 2018 131.5-151.8 The next morning I was up and ready to hike well before anyone else – well, not exactly. Two other hikers passed as I was packing up my tent. It was the hiker I’d met doing laundry at Warner Springs and her trail partner. They smiled and waved, leaving me withContinue reading “Day 15: Big Miles for a Burger”

Day 14: Tiny Hot Dogs and Fresh Tortillas

April 4, 2018 119.6-131.5 I woke early the next morning with Nightingale and Guy and we hiked out well before I saw any movement coming from the tent beside mine. Hoping that maybe this time we’d lose him, I was a little frustrated by how slow we moved that day. My feet were feeling betterContinue reading “Day 14: Tiny Hot Dogs and Fresh Tortillas”

Day 13: A Sketchy Spring

April 3, 2018 109.5-119.6 The next morning I hiked out fairly early with Nightingale and Guy. I love the terrain surrounding Warner Springs. The open, gently-rolling landscape dotted with cows made for a nice, albeit brief, change from the normal desert conditions. Even after a zero my feet were not doing well, so hiking withContinue reading “Day 13: A Sketchy Spring”

Day 12: Another Zero Day

April 2, 2018 00.0 The next day I visited the Airstream outfitter, Two Foot Adventures, to stock up on Leukotape and a few other things. I decided to buy an Opsack for my food as it was clear and more lightweight than the dry bag I was currently using. I was just finishing arranging myContinue reading “Day 12: Another Zero Day”

Day 11: Warner Springs

April 1, 2018 (Easter Sunday) 91.2-109.5 Shannon had been up all night with a bad nose bleed and was feeling very unwell, so she’d contacted her parents to come get her. The water cache was accessed by a dirt road, so they were going to pick her up there and take her to San DiegoContinue reading “Day 11: Warner Springs”

Day 10: Rising Before the Sun

March 31, 2018 77.3-91.2 Shannon’s parents dropped us off at the trail near Scissors Crossing well before the sun came up and we made the climb up the mountain in good time. We covered about 9 miles before the heat really set in, and boy was it a heavy heat. The sun baked the hard-packedContinue reading “Day 10: Rising Before the Sun”

Day 9: And it’s Back to Julian

March 30, 2018 63.6-77.0 The next day was spent hiking around the mountains that would eventually drop down and across the desert floor toward Scissors Crossing, which is where most people hitch into Julian. It was the longest, hottest, and most frustrating day on the trail for me so far. The small mountains ran aroundContinue reading “Day 9: And it’s Back to Julian”

Day 7: Time for Some Drugs

March 28, 2018 00.0 I awoke the next morning to find that the cream had actually caused the rash to spread! I immediately walked over to the nearby clinic and made an appointment to see a doctor. Thankfully it didn’t take long and I was directed to come back around 1pm to pick up aContinue reading “Day 7: Time for Some Drugs”