Day 6: Early Zero in Julian

March 27, 2018 00.0 The following morning my poison oak rash was so bad I knew I had no choice but to hitch into town and see a doctor asap. The worse part on my thigh was swelling up in a red, angry manner, and the bits of rash on my hip were starting toContinue reading “Day 6: Early Zero in Julian”

Day 5: At which point everything collides…

March 26, 2018 41.5-52.6 The next morning was Day 5 on the trail for me and I was not feeling very well. I’d slept alright in the cafe in a space between two tables that Shante had reserved for us, seeing as we were the only two women in the group of about 20 hikers.Continue reading “Day 5: At which point everything collides…”

Day 4: First Burger on Trail!

March 25, 2018 32.6-41.5 As the sky turned grey and I could hear people moving about in their tents nearby, I reluctantly crawled out of mine and hurried through the frosty air to the restrooms. Good Lord, it was cold! The Trail Angels were already up and busy, calling me over for fresh coffee andContinue reading “Day 4: First Burger on Trail!”

Day 3: Chilly in the Desert

March 24, 2018 20.0-32.6 The next day I got a somewhat late start but felt refreshed and ready to hike. The trail was gentle and the sky overcast and I was enjoying myself immensely. The trail was nice and wide leading away from the Lake Morena campground and was surrounded by manzanita trees. Shante caughtContinue reading “Day 3: Chilly in the Desert”

Day 2: A Short Day

March 23, 2018 15.4-20.0 When I crawled out of my tent the next morning around 7am many hikers already had their tents down and were scarfing a quick breakfast before hiking out. Lee and Sarah were long gone. I wasn’t nearly as sore as I expected I’d be that morning but I decided to stickContinue reading “Day 2: A Short Day”

Day 1: Finally on the PCT!

March 22, 2018 00.0-15.4 The next morning Judy put out a delicious breakfast spread and coffee, and we all ate our fill before piling into their two cars and heading south toward the Mexican border. The drive was a little nerve-wracking for me. I rode up front with John and the German couple rode silentlyContinue reading “Day 1: Finally on the PCT!”

T – 1 Day to Kickoff

“Good afternoon, everyone! On behalf of Southwest Airlines, we’d like to welcome you to this Boeing 737 non-stop flight to Tahiti…” I was sitting in my seat gripping the armrests and the plane hadn’t even detached from the boarding ramp yet. The flight attendant paused in his speech, looked down at the papers in hisContinue reading “T – 1 Day to Kickoff”

Have fun. Don’t die.

Those were my sisters parting words to me.  I was standing in my parents’ kitchen bidding farewell to a few of my siblings – the rest of them would have been there to see me off, but with kids and jobs and homes that existed far away in other states, phone calls and text messagesContinue reading “Have fun. Don’t die.”