Day 58: Another Trip to REI

May 18, 2018 00.0 The next morning the wind was still blowing really strong – how in the world did anyone enjoy a picnic in this spot?? Then my coffee kicked in and I had to dig a hole ASAP. The hole was fine, but I felt kind of exposed in the daylight and madeContinue reading “Day 58: Another Trip to REI”

Day 57: Back in Julian…Again

May 17, 2018 Roughly 220 miles due south by car. I woke up around 4:30am without the aid of an alarm. Ghosthiker and Sparky were still sleeping but I assumed they’d be awake any minute, so I quietly snuck into the bathroom. They still weren’t up when I came out so I grabbed my phoneContinue reading “Day 57: Back in Julian…Again”

Day 10: Rising Before the Sun

March 31, 2018 77.3-91.2 Shannon’s parents dropped us off at the trail near Scissors Crossing well before the sun came up and we made the climb up the mountain in good time. We covered about 9 miles before the heat really set in, and boy was it a heavy heat. The sun baked the hard-packedContinue reading “Day 10: Rising Before the Sun”

Day 9: And it’s Back to Julian

March 30, 2018 63.6-77.0 The next day was spent hiking around the mountains that would eventually drop down and across the desert floor toward Scissors Crossing, which is where most people hitch into Julian. It was the longest, hottest, and most frustrating day on the trail for me so far. The small mountains ran aroundContinue reading “Day 9: And it’s Back to Julian”

Day 8: FINALLY Hitching Back to the Trail

March 29, 2018 52.6-63.7 “Mind if I hitch with you?” He asked with a smile.  What I should have said was, “Actually, I do mind.”  Instead, I tried an evasive maneuver. “Actually, I’m gonna try to hitch ahead to Warner Springs before I go back to Pioneer Mail. You might want to get a differentContinue reading “Day 8: FINALLY Hitching Back to the Trail”

Day 7: Time for Some Drugs

March 28, 2018 00.0 I awoke the next morning to find that the cream had actually caused the rash to spread! I immediately walked over to the nearby clinic and made an appointment to see a doctor. Thankfully it didn’t take long and I was directed to come back around 1pm to pick up aContinue reading “Day 7: Time for Some Drugs”

Day 6: Early Zero in Julian

March 27, 2018 00.0 The following morning my poison oak rash was so bad I knew I had no choice but to hitch into town and see a doctor asap. The worse part on my thigh was swelling up in a red, angry manner, and the bits of rash on my hip were starting toContinue reading “Day 6: Early Zero in Julian”