Day 32: Runnin’ on Empty

April 3, 2021 Mile 445.3 It was really cold last night and there was a surprising amount of condensation in my tent this morning. Some on my quilt, too, which stinks. We broke camp around 5:30am. Thus far, we’ve determined that Ghosthiker is the faster hiker first thing in the morning, and I am generallyContinue reading “Day 32: Runnin’ on Empty”

Day 31: This is a Hard Trail, Ya’ll

April 2, 2021 Mile: 426.2 Lots of wind last night. Unsurprising, since we’re camped in a saddle. I set my alarm for 3:30am so we could hike out a little earlier than normal to beat the heat. We decided on Day One that we wouldn’t do any night hiking, but my headlamp should be brightContinue reading “Day 31: This is a Hard Trail, Ya’ll”

Day 30: The Not-so-Good Day

April 1, 2021 Mile: 406.4 I was up at 4:15am. One of the lines on my tent broke. Not sure how. Maybe it got chewed by a critter? I’ll have to fix it later. At least my tent didn’t fall down in the night. It’s just one corner so not detrimental, and I have myContinue reading “Day 30: The Not-so-Good Day”