Day 41: The Shoe Eating Trail

April 12, 2021 546 What a lovely nights’ sleep! I was wide away by 5:30am (a late morning!) and decided it would be a nice treat for Ghosthiker if I could make us coffee in the full-sized coffee machine before she woke up. Unfortunately, even though I was as quiet as could be, there weren’tContinue reading “Day 41: The Shoe Eating Trail”

Day 40: This is Our Bubble

April 11, 2021 533.6 Shockingly enough, there was no condensation on our tents or quilts this morning! Yay! It also wasn’t quite as cold as yesterday when we started getting up and around at 4ish, but it got progressively colder by 6:00am. The sky through the trees was so clear and the stars were soContinue reading “Day 40: This is Our Bubble”

Day 39: Cow Water is the Best!

April 10, 2021 523.5 I woke up around 4:00am having to pee something awful, which was doubly-terrible because it was absolutely freezing outside. Ugh! Back in my tent, I had some trouble getting my water heated for coffee. Because it was so cold, the steam made it look like the water was near boiling, butContinue reading “Day 39: Cow Water is the Best!”