Day 47: JK, we’re still in the desert, ya’ll

May 7, 2018 602-623.5 Did I mention that early morning is my favorite part of the day to hike? There’s something magical about a world just waking up and bursting to life from the stillness of the night in a way that the modern, settled world just can’t capture. That morning we managed to hikeContinue reading “Day 47: JK, we’re still in the desert, ya’ll”

Day 46: 600 Miles Down

May 6, 2018 583.3-602 It was still taking me two hours to be ready to hike every morning. I think a big part of that was because I was always trying to be really quiet and not wake anybody up which of course takes longer than just flying through all my morning chores. I wasContinue reading “Day 46: 600 Miles Down”

Day 45: A Word on Shoes

May 5, 2018 566.4-583.3 After another glorious nights’ sleep, waking up to French press coffee, and delightful conversation with our wonderful trail angel hosts, Scott and Jennifer took us to breakfast at Kohnens bakery. I got a delicious calzone-style breakfast thingy with sausage, cheese, and egg baked into a tasty bread loaf. I don’t knowContinue reading “Day 45: A Word on Shoes”

Day 44: Slack-packing SOBO for a Day

May 4, 2018 558.5-553.2 Ghosthiker, Jennifer, and I spent a lovely morning chatting over breakfast and coffee, then it was off to the post office to get my package of shoes, mail all our resupply boxes ahead, and for me to mail a big box of unwanted stuff home and my new Altras and insolesContinue reading “Day 44: Slack-packing SOBO for a Day”

Day 43: Chillin’ in Tehachapi

May 3, 2018 00.0 Woke up early, as usual, and tiptoed downstairs to find Scott making strong coffee in a French press. I about fainted with delight. It was my first cup of really good, non-instant coffee in SO long! While I sipped my coffee Scott insisted on making bacon and eggs for everyone. IContinue reading “Day 43: Chillin’ in Tehachapi”

Day 42: The Day I Met Some of My All-Time Favorite People

May 2, 2018 00.0 I awoke the next morning and packed everything up in anticipation of getting a reliable ride to Tehachapi. It was not to be. I saw neither hide nor hair of Richard all morning, but I remained optimistic by posting a message to the PCT Trail Angel Facebook page that I’d beContinue reading “Day 42: The Day I Met Some of My All-Time Favorite People”

Day 41: Zero in Hikertown

May 1, 2018 00.0 Last night our room was quite cold, but I guess everyone was so tired that no one felt like getting up and figuring out how to turn the heat on. I shared a big comfy bed with Ghosthiker but I didn’t get much sleep because my legs kept cramping up noContinue reading “Day 41: Zero in Hikertown”

Day 40: Where MC Camel Tries to Help

April 30, 2018 498.2-517.6 Despite the wind continuing all night long and into the morning, my tent fly was soaked when I woke up. The temperature was still frigid. I would later come to miss those desert mornings when I didn’t have to get out of my tent to get my food bag or bearContinue reading “Day 40: Where MC Camel Tries to Help”

Day 39: That day I had to pee, like, 20 times!

April 29, 2018 478.2-498.2 Even though all was quiet in the Magical Manzanita Forest, I woke up at 3am and couldn’t get back to sleep. I waited until 4am and then started to quietly pack my things. Terrie started serving breakfast at 5:45am and Sparky had said they’d like to hitch back to the trailContinue reading “Day 39: That day I had to pee, like, 20 times!”

Day 38: Casa de Luna

April 28, 2018 465.9-478.2 So cold!! I put some DoTerra Deep Blue on the bottoms and sides of both feet and on my leg where most of the pain was yesterday. I also prayed a lot. As usual, I don’t remember much of the day, only that I fell behind and Alias hiked with meContinue reading “Day 38: Casa de Luna”