Day 27: Silverwood Lake and PIZZA!

April 17, 2018 313.2-328.1 The next day my feet were still hurting pretty badly but I just squashed the pain with some Vitamin I and kept going. We hiked through an older burn area and I got videos of lots of wildflowers, and after a while we found ourselves hiking around the rim of SilverwoodContinue reading “Day 27: Silverwood Lake and PIZZA!”

Day 26: Deep Creek Hot Spring

April 16, 2018 293.8-313.2 On Day 26 we hiked 19.4 miles, passing the 300 mile marker! We caught up with Lil’ Bro and played leapfrog all day. Early in the afternoon we came to Deep Creek Hot Springs at mile 308. It was crawling with people; thru-hikers, sections hikers, day hikers. Clothing was apparently optional.Continue reading “Day 26: Deep Creek Hot Spring”

Day 25: Where We’re Reminded it’s the PCT’s Anniversary

April 15, 2018 276.6-293.8 Because my food bag had sun-dried tomato oil all over the inside, I had to clean it all up and reorganize my food. I told Ghosthiker and Sparky to go on ahead and I didn’t see them again until 6 miles up the trail, giving me more space and time toContinue reading “Day 25: Where We’re Reminded it’s the PCT’s Anniversary”

Day 24: Surprise Trip to the ER

April 14, 2018 266.1-276.6 The next morning we were supposed to grab a hearty early breakfast and hitch to the trail, but I awoke in the wee hours with a terrible UTI and ended up having to go to the ER. It was 6:30am when I hustled out of the hostel to catch the localContinue reading “Day 24: Surprise Trip to the ER”

Day 23: Zero in Big Bear Lake

April 13, 2018 00.0 That first night in Big Bear was the heaviest night’s sleep I’d gotten since I started the trail. I know I moved around a bit but I don’t remember moving, which means I didn’t wake up when I moved. I slept all night. I didn’t feel as sore, which meant myContinue reading “Day 23: Zero in Big Bear Lake”

Day 22: Hitching into Big Bear Lake

April 12, 2018 256.2-266.1 and a hitch into Big Bear Lake Arrastre Trail Camp was a nice spot with flat and well-cleared tent spots and a few picnic tables. The only downside was that we couldn’t find the water that was supposed to be nearby, according to Guthooks (we did find it the next morningContinue reading “Day 22: Hitching into Big Bear Lake”

Day 21: The Hotspot that Decided to Stay

April 11, 2018 238.9-256.2 I rose a little late the next morning and spent the first several hours of hiking feeling very stiff. It put me in a rather foul mood because I felt like I was working extra hard trying to keep up with my two hiking friends who were in much better physicalContinue reading “Day 21: The Hotspot that Decided to Stay”

Day 20: Hiking along Mission Creek

April 10, 2018 218.5-238.9 We left the Whitewater Reserve and hiked 14.5 miles along Mission Creek and up the next rise. It was a lovely, low-key day with several more breaks than we normally take. It was just so nice to be hiking next to a cool, clear river all day in the desert thatContinue reading “Day 20: Hiking along Mission Creek”

Day 19: The Mesa Wind Farm and Whitewater Preserve

April 9, 2018 209.5-218.5 Waking up in the resort hotel, it was day 19 on the trail for me and I was craving a late morning. Unfortunately, our bodies were well-accustomed to early risings and we all naturally woke around 5:30am.  We packed up, I lanced a particularly large and painful blister and doctored itContinue reading “Day 19: The Mesa Wind Farm and Whitewater Preserve”

Day 18: Down, down, down into the Desert

April 8, 2018 193-209.5 The next day we continued hiking down the mountain back into the hot, flat desert toward Interstate 10, where we hoped to hitch into Cabazon. This is not a typical hiker stop or resupply point mainly because it’s along a major freeway and is not an easy hitch, but Ghosthiker hadContinue reading “Day 18: Down, down, down into the Desert”