Day 14: Tiny Hot Dogs and Fresh Tortillas

April 4, 2018 119.6-131.5 I woke early the next morning with Nightingale and Guy and we hiked out well before I saw any movement coming from the tent beside mine. Hoping that maybe this time we’d lose him, I was a little frustrated by how slow we moved that day. My feet were feeling betterContinue reading “Day 14: Tiny Hot Dogs and Fresh Tortillas”

Day 12: Another Zero Day

April 2, 2018 00.0 The next day I visited the Airstream outfitter, Two Foot Adventures, to stock up on Leukotape and a few other things. I decided to buy an Opsack for my food as it was clear and more lightweight than the dry bag I was currently using. I was just finishing arranging myContinue reading “Day 12: Another Zero Day”

Day 8: FINALLY Hitching Back to the Trail

March 29, 2018 52.6-63.7 “Mind if I hitch with you?” He asked with a smile.  What I should have said was, “Actually, I do mind.”  Instead, I tried an evasive maneuver. “Actually, I’m gonna try to hitch ahead to Warner Springs before I go back to Pioneer Mail. You might want to get a differentContinue reading “Day 8: FINALLY Hitching Back to the Trail”