Day 13: A Sketchy Spring

April 3, 2018 109.5-119.6 The next morning I hiked out fairly early with Nightingale and Guy. I love the terrain surrounding Warner Springs. The open, gently-rolling landscape dotted with cows made for a nice, albeit brief, change from the normal desert conditions. Even after a zero my feet were not doing well, so hiking withContinue reading “Day 13: A Sketchy Spring”

Day 12: Another Zero Day

April 2, 2018 00.0 The next day I visited the Airstream outfitter, Two Foot Adventures, to stock up on Leukotape and a few other things. I decided to buy an Opsack for my food as it was clear and more lightweight than the dry bag I was currently using. I was just finishing arranging myContinue reading “Day 12: Another Zero Day”

Day 11: Warner Springs

April 1, 2018 (Easter Sunday) 91.2-109.5 Shannon had been up all night with a bad nose bleed and was feeling very unwell, so she’d contacted her parents to come get her. The water cache was accessed by a dirt road, so they were going to pick her up there and take her to San DiegoContinue reading “Day 11: Warner Springs”