Day 20: Hiking along Mission Creek

April 10, 2018 218.5-238.9 We left the Whitewater Reserve and hiked 14.5 miles along Mission Creek and up the next rise. It was a lovely, low-key day with several more breaks than we normally take. It was just so nice to be hiking next to a cool, clear river all day in the desert thatContinue reading “Day 20: Hiking along Mission Creek”

Day 19: The Mesa Wind Farm and Whitewater Preserve

April 9, 2018 209.5-218.5 Waking up in the resort hotel, it was day 19 on the trail for me and I was craving a late morning. Unfortunately, our bodies were well-accustomed to early risings and we all naturally woke around 5:30am.  We packed up, I lanced a particularly large and painful blister and doctored itContinue reading “Day 19: The Mesa Wind Farm and Whitewater Preserve”