PCT 2018

Have fun. Don’t die.
T – 1 Day to Kickoff
Day 1: Finally on the PCT!
Day 2: A Short Day
Day 3: Chilly in the Desert
Day 4: First Burger on Trail!
Day 5: Where Everything Collides…
Day 6: Early Zero Day in Julian, CA
Day 7: Time for some Drugs!
Day 8: Hitching Back to the Trail
Day 9: And it’s Back to Julian…
Day 10: Rising Before the Sun
Day 11: Warner Springs
Day 12: Another Zero Day
Day 13: A Sketchy Spring
Day 14: Tiny Hot Dogs and Fresh Tortillas
Day 15: Big Miles for a Burger
Day 16: Tahquitz Peak
Day 17: Storm on Mt. San Jacinto
Day 18: Down, Down, Down into the Desert
Day 19: The Mesa Wind Farm and Whitewater Preserve
Day 20: Hiking along Mission Creek
Day 21: The Hotspot that Decided to Stay
Day 22: Hitching into Big Bear Lake
Day 23: Zero in Big Bear Lake
Day 24: Surprise Trip to the ER
Day 25: Where We’re Reminded it’s the PCT’s Anniversary
Day 26: Deep Creek Hot Springs
Day 27: Silverwood Lake and PIZZA
Day 28: Hobbling into McDonalds
Day 29: More Cold Days in the Desert
Day 30: Wrightwood
Day 31: Mt. Baden-Powell
Day 32: Accio, Beer!
Day 33: Mill Creek Fire Station
Day 34: So Much Poodle Dog Bush!
Day 35: Hiker Haven at Last!
Day 36: Give me ALL your Chipotle Burritos
Day 37: New Dawn, New Day, New Shoes for me!
Day 38: Casa de Luna
Day 39: That one day I had to pee, like, 20 times!
Day 40: Where MC Camel tries to help
Day 41: Zero in Hikertown
Day 42: The Day I met some of my All-time Favorite People
Day 43: Chillin’ in Tehachapi
Day 44: Slack-Packing SOBO for a Day
Day 45: A Word on Shoes
Day 46: 600 Miles Down
Day 47: JK, We’re Still in the Desert, ya’ll
Day 48: Seeing some Old, Familiar Faces
Day 49: A Poolside View
Day 50: The First Time I owe Ghosthiker an Apology
Day 51: Leaving Ridgecrest
Day 52: My First Night Camping Alone
Day 53: Kennedy Meadows at Last!
Day 54: Our First Steps in the Sierra
Day 55: The Case of the Missing Headlamp
Day 56: A Whirlwind Day
Day 57: Back in Julian…again
Day 58: Another trip to REI
Day 59: Beach Day!
Day 60: Making up Miles
Day 61: Tehachapi, Round Two
Day 62: Not Ready to Quit
Day 63: Where I Finally got to Hike the Aqueduct
Day 64: Farewell, Desert!
Day 65: Heading Back to Lone Pine
Day 66: So Many Rapid Changes
Day 67: Into the Mountains
Day 68: Crabtree Meadow
Day 69: Mt. Whitney
Day 70: Bighorn Plateau
Day 71: The Snow Chute
Day 72: The Hostel California
Day 73: A Zero Day all to Myself
Day 74: It’s all Downhill from here, Right?
Day 75: Glenn Pass to Rae Lakes
Day 76: When I Nearly got Swept Away
Day 77: Trooper and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
Day 78: The Second Time I owe Ghosthiker an Apology
Day 79: Our First (and only) Bear Sighting!
Day 80: Entering the John Muir Wilderness
Day 81: Vermillion Valley Resort
Day 82: The Worst Dog Owner Ever
Day 83: 24.6 Miles
Day 84: Mammoth Lakes has a Fantastic Hospital
Day 85: Day 2 in Mammoth Lakes
Day 86: Day 3 in Mammoth Lakes
Day 87: Day 4 in Mammoth Lakes
Day 88: Day 5 in Mammoth Lakes
Day 89: Finally Getting back on Trail
Day 90: So Many Mosquitos!
Day 91: Tuolumne Meadows
Day 92: Touring Yosemite
Day 93: Heat AND Mosquitos!
Day 94: Ups and Downs, Ups and Downs
Day 95: Familiar Faces!
Day 96: 1000 Miles!
Day 97: Hitching to Bridgeport
Day 98: The Long, Long Road to Reno, NV
Day 99: Why Can’t Doctors just Work Together?
Day 100: To Hike or not to Hike?
Day 101: Solo Female Hiker
Day 102: The Tahoe Rim Trail
Day 103: Northern California is HOT
Day 104: A Day in Truckee
Day 105: Taking a Medical Leave
Day 106: Back on the PCT!
Day 107: A 20-Mile Day!
Day 108: The Start of the Smoke
Day 109: Milk Creek
Day 110: Hiking to Lyman Lake
Day 111: The Decision to go Home
On Returning to the PCT

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